The department of Applied Physics of the Technical University of Eindhoven is doing research on climate change in oceans. An automated test-setup, controlled by LabVIEW, is used in this experiment. The test-setup uses a RT-system and a User Interface running is running on a remote location. The application is developed in-house and involves a lot of programming to get everything to work. This can be made easier by using solid design patterns.

The Actor Framework is such a design pattern. It is very useful for creating applications running on a desktop PC and is often used for creating highly dynamic user interfaces in an easy way. On top of that it is a great framework for code-reuse. Once an Actor (a module performing a specific task) has been created, it can be used over and over again.

LVWorks has provided a training course on Actor Framework to the department of Applied Physics. The training course includes explaining the core concept of Actor Framework, a step-by-step hands-on example of an Actor Framework application. This example includes a few Actors that are very useful to be used in other applications. Once the participants had completed the course they had enough knowledge to create new actors, specific for their application, on their own.

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